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The Weaveborn Saga is a Science Fiction story with LitRPG elements set in a dystopian future telling the story of Cian.

Cian is a broke, freshly graduated engineering student working as a janitor when he gets the opportunity to play a new VR MMO. Touted by fans as “More Real than Reality,” it has taken the world by storm and in-game credits are even traded on real world currency markets. It’s a potential path to real world riches, or financial ruin. But Cian soon realizes this game is more than it seems. A series of events leads him to question the nature of the game and his own reality. What is the true nature of the Weave? Who are the Weaveborn? And why do the game masters want him dead?

Book 1, Seeds of the Weaveborn, follows Cian’s early journey into the game. It’s already fully written and up on this site. I plan to release it as an ebook soon.

Book 2, Secrets of the Weaveborn, follows Cian’s journey into space and beyond and reveals what is truly going on. It is currently ongoing.

Further books are also planned, titles TBA.

Currently updates twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

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